martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

Month Calendar Widget version 1.5.0 is out

(Old news by now, the app was updated on October 3rd, but this post must see the light :)

A new version of Month Calendar Widget, 1.5.0, is on Google Play now, bringing these features:
  • Layout adjustments for tablets and high resolution devices: The widget looks better on tablets and newer high resolution devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The highest resolution available in Android, xxhdpi, is now supported
  • Compatibility with latest Android version: The app now targets the latest Android version to date (Jelly Bean 4.3) and follows Android design guidelines regarding padding and sizing, i.e. will coexist better with other home screen widgets. Also this prepares the way for new features only available to Android 4.x and greater
  • Simplified instructions screen: The instructions screen is more clear giving a helping hand to users who don't know how an Android home screen widget works. It looks nicer too :)
  • Show days of previous and next month option: This new option toggles the visibility of days from previous and next month. When used they are shown dimmed
  • Stretch widget option: This will stretch the widget boundaries to the edges of its assigned space (3 cells wide by 2 cells tall for the 3x2 version, 4 cells wide by 3 cells tall for the 4x3). Using this option the widget will have a wider layout, opposite to the "classic" square layout of the calendar
  • Settings button on the widget for easy acces to configuration: A little settings button can occupy the lower right corner of the calendar. Tapping it will bring the Settings screen. No need to remove/re-add widget anymore to change something
  • Show/hide settings button option: If you prefer a cleaner look, the new Settings button can be hid. If you need to configure the widget again, you must remove/re-add it as usual
A pair of notes regarding the new Stretch widget option:
  • When using a bigger than "normal" system font size, this option can solve the often reported issue of clipped dates. Not a definitive solution, but acceptable in my opinion. (By the way, I could make the dates font size fixed, but that way I would be overriding the user preference, and choose to do not so)
  • Using this option with some launchers like Nova and Go, you'll get a resizable widget (warning: It won't look very well if you resize it too big). The resizing feature for all launchers will come anyway in a future version, with a more polished aspect

I hope you enjoy this version, it took longer than expected but I'm pretty sure it's worth it.