martes, 24 de abril de 2012

I'm back

It's been a lot of time since the first post. Two days after I wrote it, I started a new job with a long commute that took away a big part of my free time. For more than 3 months I had very little for my mobile journey. Now that I'm out of that job, I'm happy to be back.

I've been working hard in version 1.2.0 of Month Calendar Widget. Feeling astonished about the feedback received from its users, and spurred by its fantastic growth (more than 150K downloads now and growing!), I've put a great effort in two of the most requested features. Version 1.2.0 it's due today tomorrow (see EDIT) in Google Play!

To all who waited for updates, thanks for your patience. And to those who expected an answer to their e-mails, I'm catching up with them right now. Sorry for the prolonged silence.

EDIT May 2: Shame on me for giving an exceedingly optimistic release date, but I've just finished fixing some annoying bugs in version 1.2.0. Final testing now. Soon in Google Play!