miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

Month Calendar Widget version 1.4.0 is out

A new version of Month Calendar Widget, 1.4.0, is on Google Play now. At first glance it seems the same old widget, and yes, from a visual and functional point of view it is, but it has two major improvements:
  • As I wrote in the previous post, the widget now adapts itself better "to the myriad of different screen resolutions and sizes in the Android world, while paving the way to future enhancements that will take advantage of new Android features and also will allow more widget customization". Version 1.4.0 introduces a new flexible layout that accomplish these objectives. If you have seen in your widget (for instance) the last row of dates clipped, it should look good now with 1.4.0. Regarding features now made possible thanks to the internal redesign, an example is widget resizing (although this feature brings some tricky issues such as how to make fonts bigger/smaller and what to do with the fixed size graphics arrows)
  • Navigation between months now is faster. The arrows feels more responsive to touch, even in the smaller 3x2 widget
Last news in version 1.4.0 is a removed feature: the Autoadjust column width setting isn't needed anymore because of the mentioned internal redesign. The option was introduced in version 1.3.0 in order to solve misaligned dates in some devices. The layout improvements of 1.4.0 make this setting unnecessary.

Next step: define a clear roadmap for Month Calendar Widget, including the future pro version.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for your work!

    Since this update, right arrow (show next month) sometimes doesn't work. Sometimes it works after tapping it several times. Maybe it's a problem in the new code (arrows more responsive to touch)?

    It's 4x3 widget, Android 2.3.6 on Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

  2. Hi M.

    This problem is probably related to your specific phone configuration. If the app reacts after some time, advancing a few months at once, that's the way a device behaves when it's low on resources. The operating system in lower end phones usually takes more time to respond to touch input. It could happen too when a device has a lot of apps installed, consuming a considerable amount of internal memory.

    What's weird is that you see the problem only with the right arrow.

    I give you a little tip that probably helps you: the performance improvement of v1.4.0 consisted in giving more touch area to the arrows. If you touch slightly to the left of the right arrow (or to the right of the left arrow) you will still be able to move between months.

  3. I'm using Samsung galaxy S4 and I set text size big.
    Since this update, alignment of 4x3 widget is wrong again, and I can't adjust it.
    Wish to have the previous version to adjust it by myself... and thank's for your great work.

    1. Hi 施岱伶, you're welcome.

      I'm pretty sure the problem you're seeing is not the same that required the auto adjust column size feature now removed in 1.4.0. It could be related to the big text size. I will add in future versions some kind of font size adjustment, or maybe this issue would be solved with a resizing feature (planned too).

      Meanwhile, can you send me an screenshot of the 4x3 widget on your device?

  4. OK,It's like this.

    1. I see. If you adjust your system font size to normal, the widget will be displayed correctly.
      I will consider some kind of setting to avoid problems with big font sizes.
      Thanks for your feedback