martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

Month Calendar Widget version 1.3.0 is out

A new version of Month Calendar Widget, 1.3.0, is on Google Play now. It includes these new features and bug fixes:
  • Saturday as first day of week: For people living in islamic countries where weeks start on Saturday
  • Autoadjust column width option: The widget shows misaligned columns in some configurations. This new option assures columns always align properly
  • Layout adjustment for some tablet models: A minor layout glitch that required navigating through months to be solved (reported for some tablets), is now fixed
  • Names of months in Slavic languages: Languages such as Polish and Russian showed incorrect month names. It's fixed now for Android versions 2.3.x and greater
  • Instructions screen after downloading the app: For those users that need a little help to begin using the widget
  • App not present in list of installed widgets on Honeycomb/ICS/Jelly Bean: Since Android 3.x Home screen widgets don't appear immediately in the list of installed widgets after being downloaded, in most cases a device reboot was needed to get them listed. In this version the widget appears at once.
If you have installed version 1.2.0 or earlier and want to take advantage of some of the new features/fixes, it's not necessary to uninstall the application. Just update it from Google Play and afterwards delete any widget instances present on the Home screen and add them again. The new options will appear in the Settings screen.

Please note that the new Instructions screen appearing after downloading the app has some implications:
  • The screen shows the steps needed to put the widget on the Home screen. In no way the app gets installed automatically (Android doesn't provide any mean to do this). You must follow the steps explained there in order to get the widget in place
  • You will find the Month Calendar Widget icon among the apps installed on your device. If you run the app tapping on it, you will see the Instructions screen again, and nothing more
  • On Android 4.x, the app icon in the Apps tab in is not the same as those in the Widgets tab. The former shows the Instructions, the latter are there to be dragged on the Home screen
For those who waited months for an update and/or still are waiting for an e-mail answer, thanks for your patience. I worked hard to make a better app, now I'll do my best to catch up with support mails.

4 comentarios:

  1. what's missing:
    -visibility of previous/next month's days, as grayed out
    -Saturday blue, Sunday red
    -access to settings other than while adding widget to screen

    1. Thanks for your feedback, 1st and 3rd of your requirements will come in next versions

  2. This widget is awesome!
    Two suggestions:
    * Implement resizable feature
    * Allow to changes months with up/down gesture.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.
      Resizing is in the "lab" now :)
      Unfortunately up/down gesture is available only to list-like controls in Android home screen widgets. Unless Google extends support to other controls, it won't be possibe :(